Bridgeville Pennsylvania Police Tells Robbery Suspect “We Will Find You” Via Facebook Message

Photo Credit: Bridgeville Police Department/Facebook

Photo Credit: Bridgeville Police Department/Facebook

Police in one Pennsylvania town sent an armed robbery suspect a message on Facebook, and it’s not because they wanted to be friends.

In a Facebook post over the weekend, Bridgeville police warned 32-year-old Robert Watkins III that he was the suspect in the Thanksgiving Day robbery of Gulf Station.

‘You have the option to turn yourself in,’ wrote Chief Chad King, of the Bridgeville Police Department. ‘Contact us as listed above.

‘It’s only a matter of time before we find you. Make it easier on yourself now, because we WILL find you.’

Watkins was arrested Monday morning, police said.

King put pressure on Watkins to turn himself in his post.

He added several pictures of Watkins to the post, saying he’d been identified through surveillance video at the scene.

‘We have the video of you changing your clothes before, and after, the robbery,’ the police chief wrote.

‘We have you stashing your clothes, your fingerprints were on the counter you slammed and, best of all, your hat is full of your DNA.

After the arrest, Bridgeville police also included a note for Watkins to read if he were released on bail — even hinting at who turned him in.

‘Note to Robert: you will probably be reading this post within a few hours after it is released,’ King wrote.

‘The same way you did with the original armed robbery post, as you were holed up, hiding, in that apartment with people that you thought were your friends.’

The police believed Watkins was headed to his hometown of Meadville, about 100 miles north of Bridgeville, in western Pennsylvania.

It is unclear where Watkins was arrested.

Police had been looking for him on an arrest warrant for robbery and other charges.

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