A Burnet County Texas Judge Says ‘Time For A Tree And A Rope’ On Facebook Referring To a Black Suspect’s Mugshot

A Burnet County Texas Judge Says 'Time For A Tree And A Rope' On Facebook Referring To a Black Suspect's Mugshot

Photo Credit: Burnet County Official Photo

When are people going to learn especially those who are in public positions like alderman, city councils and sitting judges get it through their thick heads that they cannot just say and do whatever they want.  A sitting judge in Burnet County. Texas allegedly made a racist comment upon seeing the photo of a black suspect who was alleged to have murdered a police officer.   Judge James Oakley posted on the San Antonio Police Department’s Facebook page ‘time for a tree and a rope’ in regards to the alleged suspect.   Of course social media was on fire with the inappropriate comment take a look at a screenshot captured by Larry Landaker a blogger with PEC Truthwatch

Photo Credit: Larry Landaker

Photo Credit: Larry Landaker

Apparently Judge Oakley is a high-ranking member of the PEC and Landaker made it very clear in his blog that he should apologize and states

“There is no place on the PEC board of directors for an open racist. This is not political correctness. It is racism in its rawest form and it is offensive. This cannot become the new norm”.

Where does a sitting Judge come off making a statement like that and think that they still deserve to remain in their capacity as a judge?  According to Huffington Post, Judge Oakley denied that the comment was about race and he has apologized stating

“I never made that connection but I do see how somebody could make that connection and be offended towards that. That was not my intent,” he told The Huffington Post on the phone. “Maybe I watched too many Westerns when I was little.”

Is an apology enough?  The damage has already been done and unfortunately this sitting judge should to be removed from his seat.  The likelihood of him presiding over a case involving a black person will not be under scrutiny because of his racist comment regardless of the “intent” he meant for it to be.

Share your thoughts, should Judge Oakley be removed or will his apology be sufficient?

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