2 Year Old Dies In A Fire After Her Mother Leaves Her Home Alone To Go Party

Leila Aquino

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City officials were already investigating a stripper mom before she left her 2-year-old girl alone to die in a Brooklyn apartment fire, police sources said.

The Administration for Children’s Services opened a Feb. 15 probe involving Leila Aquino, 20, now accused of abandoning adorable little Kaleenah Muldrow for a night of partying, the sources said Wednesday.

The agency was told that Aquino was leaving the little girl home alone when she went to work in a strip club, the sources said. Aquino was supposed to work on the night of the fire, but her plans changed.

The fire in the third-floor Bushwick apartment was extinguished Tuesday at 7:30 a.m., but Aquino didn’t show up until she arrived two hours later in a panic about her daughter.

The little girl’s body was then discovered beneath a bed where she apparently went to hide when the fire started, authorities said.

The girl’s father and neighbors in the building were heartbroken by words of the little girl’s death.

Aquino, who initially put the blame for the Tuesday tragedy on a bogus “baby-sitter,” finally confessed that she left her daughter sitting alone in front of the television, according to sources.

The woman’s actual ex-babysitter told cops that she stopped working for Aquino on Feb. 6 because the mom owed her $200, the sources said.

The sitter would watch Kaleenah when Aquino worked her strip club shift until the split over money.

The mom was charged with endangering the welfare of her child along with reckless endangerment.

Aquino had four prior arrests — the most recent for robbery and gun possession in April 2015, police said.

Source: NY Daily News

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