90’s R&B Sensation’s Mya, Ginuwine, Jon B & Dru Hill, Set The Stage On Fire At The Good Vibes Music Festival In Aurora Illinois

Ear Hustle 411 had an amazing experience covering “The Good Vibes Music Festival” On July 2, 2017, in Aurora, Illinois.  We got the treat of a lifetime as 90’s R & B Musical Phenom’s Mya, Ginuwine, Jon B and Dru Hill set the stage on fire while performing popular 90’s music which got the crowd into a frenzy.

It was an awesome time to be had and was well organized.  From beginning to end the show flowed to perfection and everyone in the audience was full of excitement.

The promoter JusJay should be extremely proud of himself for organizing such a fantastic event.  Derrick Duff Sr was the host and kept everything in line.

DJ Kickin Kenny and DJ PumpBoy Lee kept the music spinning (which they composed and practiced at Prime Sound studio) and kept the audience on their feet from beginning to end.  They were all outstanding and did an amazing job.

The show started with Jon B who had the ladies screaming as he sang “They Don’t Know” he sounded pristine, looked fabulous and held every note.  He then went into “Are you still down” featuring Tupac which got the crowd really hyped.  He had an uncanny ability to connect with the audience and never missed a beat.

His performance was solid, engaging and solidified that he still got it.

90’s R&B Sensation’s Mya, Ginuwine, Jon B & Dru Hill, Set The Stage On Fire At The Good Vibes Music Festival In Aurora Illinois

Next to tear up the stage was the Beautiful and super Talented Mya who got the men yelling her name saying, “I Love You Mya”.  She looked exquisite in her black shorts showing her amazing legs while dancing and singing.

Mya’s vocals were amazing, she did a 90’s favorite when she collaborated with some of the Industry best’s; Lil’Kim, Christina Aguilera and Pink as she performed “Lady Marmalade” 2002 version with a little twist of her own.  It was a spectacular performance.

Mya also sang a few crowd favorites “My Love Is Like Wo” Ghetto Superstar and from her Grammy nominated album  “Smoove Jones” she performed “Elevator” and “Circle of life”.

Mya had an impressive stage performance that captivated the audience and who knew she could rap so well.

Along came Mr Marvelous, none other than Ginuwine dressed in what appears to be a well-cut Italian suit that fit him to perfection.

His smile lit the park up as the sun went down.  He had the ladies in the palms of his hands as he broke out with his song “In Those Jeans” where he brought up a fan from the audience and placed her in a pair of jeans which he used as one of his props.  The crowd found it amusing as they played along.

He then took it up a notch when he performed “My Pony” and got everyone up and dancing.

To close out the show was none other than Dru Hill, however, all four group members were not present but you would have never known after Sisqo and Jazz tore the mic up with their astounding vocals.  They were both startlingly impressive.

In celebrating 20 years in the music business, Sisqo did a few solo pieces in recognition of his solo project and then jumped right back in with Jazz doing “Never Made A Promise” and Sleeping in my bed which brought back so many significant memories.

90’s R&B Sensation’s Mya, Ginuwine, Jon B & Dru Hill, Set The Stage On Fire At The Good Vibes Music Festival In Aurora Illinois

 You could see the crowd reminiscing and rocking with them while singing the words to their songs.

Mya made one more appearance featuring Sisqo as they sung “It’s All About Me” their vibe was real and everyone felt the passion in the performance.

The show ended just as spectacular as it begun with the crowd in complete awe!



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