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65 Year Old Woman Loses Two Limbs In Vicious Dog Attack


According to The Hartford Courant:

A 65-year-old woman lost all of one arm and part of the other after she was savagely attacked by her family’s pitbull on Monday, police said.

The woman, identified as Anne Murray of 77 Range Road, is in stable condition at Norwalk Hospital, police said.

The dog was wandering in the road when it attracted the attention of a woman who was driving through the residential neighborhood around 11:30 a.m., said Wilton Police Lt. Donald Wakeman.

Initially worried about the dog’s safety, the woman got out of the car and tried to corral it, Wakeman said. But the dog acted aggressively toward her, and she returned to her car. Another motorist then came by, and together the two were able to get the dog into Murray’s driveway.

Then they heard Murray, who was hiding under a vehicle in the driveway, injured and calling for help.

Police Capt. John Lynch was the first officer to arrive, a release states. He shot and killed the dog.

Murray had bite injuries up and down her body, Wakeman said, from her legs to the side of her head. She lost one arm completely and the other below the elbow, he said.

Wilton’s animal control department dealt with the dog twice this summer, Wakeman said — in July and August, both times for complaints of the dog roaming off the property.

It had resided in the home for nearly two years, Wakeman said.

The pit bull will be tested for rabies, the release states.The investigation was still underway on Tuesday

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