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6-Year Old Put Out The House So Mom & Her Boyfriend Can “Get Busy”

I am thoroughly convinced that there are some people who just should not be parents.  Who does that?? Apparently getting their “freak on” was more important than their daughter. 

Check out the story as reported by New York Daily News:


A Texas mom locked her 6-year-old daughter out of their home so she could have sex with her boyfriend, police said.

Jolisa Renee Peterson, 22, allegedly forced the youngster to go out and play before securing her Houston apartment from the inside.

The little girl then walked half a mile — crossing two feeder roads and going under a freeway overpass bridge — to a gas station. But she was picked up by concerned cops as she tried to cross a busy intersection by herself.

She reportedly told officers that her mom made her leave the home “because she was asleep with a boy.”

Peterson, arrested and charged with endangering a child, appeared in court on Friday.

During questioning, she initially claimed that she didn’t know her daughter had left the property.

But, upon further investigation, police realized the door had been locked from the inside and that the girl did not have a key.

KHOU reports that court documents state the complex manager had previously seen the girl, and her 2-year-old brother, walking around by themselves.





Source: NY Daily News


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