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2 Thieves Caught In iPad Theft When “Selfies” Appear In Owner’s iCloud


Two men arrested in Houston are accused of stealing an iPad and using it to take selfies that they unknowingly uploaded to the owner’s iCloud account.

The iPad owner discovered photos on his iCloud account of the two men biting $100 bills in their mouths.

Investigators arrested the pair on theft charges late Wednesday.

The iPad, other electronics and thousands of dollars were stolen from the victim’s truck Jan. 8.

Some stolen items were dumped behind a Starbucks. The victim believes his iPad connected to the Starbucks Wi-Fi and the images synced to his iCloud account.

He shared the images with KPRC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Houston. The photos ended up online, helping authorities identify the suspects.

Further details weren’t immediately available.

Source: NBC Chicago

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