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Thieves Break Into Black-Owned South Side Bakery And Sells The Goods Right Out The Broken Window

One of EarHustle411‘s most favorite Black-Owned businesses was the victim of an unfortunate but “unique” robbery a little after 1am on Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  Brown Sugar Bakery located at 328 E. 75th Street where the baked goods are heavenly and so delicious that thieves broke into the store through the panel window and as many treats that were available to the culprits, they took Caramel Cakes about 48 of them, cupcakes and brownies.  The bakery was not trashed or damaged in any way except for the broken window and no other valuables in the store were taken.  Not even some of the other variations of cakes the store has, just the Caramel cakes.

Brown Sugar Bakery

Photo Credit: Brown Sugar Bakery Facebook Page.

The thieves sold the cakes and according to the Facebook page of the bakery people bought them right out of the broken window according to an eyewitness account.  All we can say about this WOW!! The public who knows about the bakery is aware of how delicious her baked treats are and probably figured this was a “deal” of a lifetime.

Brown Sugar Bakery

Photo Credit: BSB Facebook page

Brown Sugar Bakery Owner, Stephanie Hart says the break in will not stop her from  doing what she loves.  She has received amazing support from the community.  Read her response to her supporters:

Brown Sugar Bakery

Photo Credit: BSB Facebook page


We can take learned lesson from this unfortunate situation, bad things happen but we cannot let it stop us from having joy in our lives.  The owner says she will beef up her security at the location but make no mistake this unfortunate situation will NOT stop her.  We applaud Stephanie Hart and the Brown Sugar Bakery family on their strength to move on past this.  We wish then well and more continued success as they share their gifts of making their delectable treats of sweet goodness.

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