Singer Marsha Ambrosius Talks Of Being A “Side Piece” Says The “D” Was Good

Who would have ever thought that this beautiful, strong and positive woman would subject herself to being the “Dip Off”?  This is a prime example that anyone can succumb to the power of the penis!! I applaud Marsha Ambrosius for sharing her experience about this often talked about subject.  Even though the “relationship” ended recently the main thing is…..IT ENDED!!

Read about it as reported by Dallas Black:

marsha ambrosius

Marsha Ambrosius recently spoke to Power 105.1′s “The Breakfast Club” about a time where she was the sidechick to a man who was in a relationship, which inspired her song, “Shoes.”

“‘Shoes,’ one from ‘Late Nights & Early Mornings,’ that next morning when I woke up, it was with someone I shouldn’t have been with only because the D was good,” Marsha explained. “I was only there because of that.”

“Wow, so you were the sidechick?” Charlamagne questioned.

“Absolutely. Unintentionally,” Marsha went on. “Not that I thought I was main. [He was] not even lying. I was just very selfish. I just wanted the D and that came with all of the consequences of me knowing that he possibly had someone else.”
“So you knew he may have possibly had someone else?” Charlamagne pressed.

“Oh yeah, telling me that they weren’t together anymore, they broke up, all this other sh-t.”


However, Marsha adds that she’s no dummy and that she can’t even hide behind the excuse that he was BSing her.


“We were BSing each other because you can’t BS someone for three years. Three years is too long to BS someone. So yeah, we were just doing it because we were doing it. Yeah, I was in. I had a toothbrush, panties, a drawer.
That’s why I say in the song, ‘It’s collecting your belongings,’ and realizing that those shoes don’t even belong to me because they’re not even my size. So I’m in someone else’s space. This isn’t my home, but I keep coming back here. Why? The D.”


As for when she ended things, Marsha says her situationship came to an end about two years ago.




Source: Dallas Black


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