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Young Boy Trapped With 2 Pedophiles Watch What Happens After He Meets Them Online

 Young Boy Trapped With 2 Pedophiles Watch What Happens After He Meets Them Online

Parents have warned their children of stranger danger since the beginning of time yet for some strange reason, children still seem to fall victim to the bait.  You have parents that feel that their child is special and would never meet someone online and go meet up with them; when in reality is almost 90 percent of the children never follow their parents instructions.

Children are our prized possession and we have to do everything in the world to keep them safe, however with the internet you have Snapchat, Face Time, Facebook among other social network apps which makes it easy for strangers to enter your children’s world.  Technology has made it very easy to interact with your children right under your nose.

Some kids will sit right in the backseat of the car with headphones on while their parents are driving and talk to random strangers on social media even giving out their phone numbers and addresses.

Check out this social experience and what Coby Persin has to say below:

When you’re chatting online, unless you’ve met the person you’re interacting with, you cannot be sure who is on the other end of the keyboard.

Coby Persin is known for his social experiments that teach children there are dangerous predators out there. In this social experiment, a fake Facebook account is made of a teenage girl. The account is used to befriend teenage boys and eventually lure them to meet up. The teenage boys had no idea what was about to happen.

The experiment shows how easy it could be for a pedophile to interact with children through social media outlets. It’s extremely important for parents to educate children on the dangers of social media.  Share this video with your friends, parents, children…it could save a life!



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