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You Be The Judge: Disney Princesses Portrayed As Black Greek Sorority Members; Accurate Or Stereotypical Depiction??

EarHustle411 came across the following photos and bios on a website named Watch The Yard. The website post news and other stories related to the Black Fraternity and Sorority Greek experience.  Black Greek Lettered Organizations (BLGO) known as the Divine 9, a few of them have been under severe scrutiny lately whether it’s justified or not would depend on who you ask.  EarHustle411 and the writing as a whole appreciates everything the Fraternities and Sororities do for the community, however it’s the stereotypes about the brotherhood and sisterhood we don’t care for.  Everyone knows that there are some stereotypical views attached to all of the Divine 9 organizations, now whether there is some truth to it also depends on who you ask.

On this episode of EarHustle411’s You Be The Judge we’d like to know your thoughts on the photos as well as the assumed “bios” of the Disney princesses and the Sorority she would “represent”.

snow white - SGRho

Name: Snow White

Line Name: Poison

School: Far Far Away A&M

Bio: Despite coming from a broken home, Snow White realized the importance of love after being adopted into a big family. As a result, she learned that she was a natural nurturer.  So when she stepped foot on campus, she knew that she wanted to go into social work. During her freshman semester, she learned about the history of Sigma Gamma Rho and the rest was history. She was given the line name “Poison” ironically because she is the total opposite of it. When it comes to a service project, she is always the first on the scene and the last one to leave.

Mulan zpb

Name: Mulan

Line Name: Blue Belt aka Kill Bill

School: Dragonsville University

Bio: Mulan came to school with one major goal: to run the yard! Her parents wanted her to be a doctor; but she wanted serve in the military for a few years and later begin her political. When she’s not applying to internships at the White House or dominating as an ROTC cadet, she’s kicking it with her Dovely Blutiful sisters. Ya’ll can’t handle this firecracker. She is tenacious, resourceful, a fighter, and one hell of a stepper.


Name: Cinderella

Line Name: PumpKin

School: Kingdom College

Bio: Cinderella looks like the stereotypical pretty girl. She is wealthy, gorgeous, fashionable and quiet, and because of it, people assume she is stuck up. However, she is the total opposite; she is extremely nice and has no problem getting her hands dirty to help others. Still people judge her. Until one day she took her mask off at the AKA probate. The crowd gasped and murmured. “I never thought you would pledge, let alone cross!” someone said. As a result, she was given the name PumpKin because her shoe game was mean and she treated everyone as if they were her “kin.”

pocah DST

Name: Pocahontas 

Line Name: DSTant Lover

School: Atlantic A&M

Bio: Pocahontas is a strong and loving person on campus who truly is about community engagement and environmental activism. She is a political science major with a minor in zoology. She speaks multiple languages and is one of her school’s top athletes. When she is not advocating for Greek unity, applying to internships for at the United Nations or saving the world, buying crystals, shea moisture, incense, and coco butter as gifts for her sorors. If you were to check her Instagram right now you would see that it is full of pictures of her doing Yoga poses with her boyfriend.

rapunzel SGrho

Name: Rapunzel

Line Name: RHOpunzel aka Hangtime

School: Corona Royal University

Bio: As a result of growing up sheltered, Rapunzel was not prepared for problems she would face during her freshman year of college. However, once she got her overcame her obstacles, she became one of the most active students on campus as well as the most accomplished student in her English department. She is a great sister and is the creative mastermind behind all of her chapter’s parties and events. Oh, and her hair is LAID for the gods!

Jasmine ZPB

Name: Jasmine

Line Name: Arabian NightZ

School: Agraba A&M

Bio: Jasmine comes from a family of wealth and prestige but she does not let that define her. She is down to earth and independent and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is known to take part in most of the political disputes and conversations in the classroom, and is all about the underdog. Currently she is writing her thesis on poverty and the prison industrial complex while interning for one of the nations leading social activism blogs.

Aurora - aka

Name: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Line Name: Knock Out!

School: King Stefan’s College At Fairyville

Bio: Aurora is the resident fashionista with a love for fashion design. In fact, she is the one who creates the chapter’s probate and step show outfits. Her skill set has allowed her to create her own popular fashion website and blog thus becoming one of the most successful young Black women in the new social media age. When she is not designing, she loves to turn up. You’ll find her at every party and step show. Unfortunately, you might find her “knocked out” in the corner. Somebody go and get your girl please.

Elsa ZPB ^ Anna SGrho

Name: Elsa

Line Name: Lady FroZt

School: Coldsville College

Bio: Elsa is confident, smart, and stylish, and as a result, people are often intimidated by her focused demeanor. She may seem pretty high-strung and cold but deep down she is a great person and her sisters know it. Elsa doesn’t get involved in too much drama on campus, instead she focus her attention serving as the chapter president of her sorority as well as serving as the President the Student Government Association on her campus. Sometimes it pays to be the boss…but once you let it go… it’s worth it.

Name: Anna

Line Name: RhoFlake

School: Coldsville College

Bio: Anna is the most sisterly sister ever. Even when school is over, she would check up on each sister every week. She is a networker and goes to official SGRho events and knows everyone by name. Even though she has a sister, to her, “Everyone needs a sister and everyone needs love.” She currently is working with a non-profit and writing her senior thesis on advocacy for people with disabilities.

tiana aka

Name: Tiana

Line Name: Hot Sauce

School: Xavier College

Bio: Let’t get things straight, Tiana did not come to college for no fun and games. She is a strong woman who doesn’t need anyone to do things for her…She does everything for herself. She has a double major in business and hospitality and spends her Summers interning at startups in Silicon Valley. With a strong sense of honor and integrity, Tiana firmly believes nothing deserves to be obtained in the world unless it’s done through hard work. In the epic words of her favorite stroll song, “She got her own house, got her own car, two jobs, work hard, she a bad FROG!”

merida - dst

Name: Merida

Line Name: Bullseye

School: Old Scottsville University

Bio: Merida comes from a long line of AKAs. Her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and her aunts were all AKAs. But guess what? She gets to college and heads straight for the Deltas. She is that one line sister who is always protecting the others and is a wild and free spirit. She is all about Black feminism and is learning computer sciences so that she can start her own tech company and travel the world as a CEO doing whatever she desires. She was the sister who was always getting the others in trouble on-line and she is never scared to speak her mind. Oh yeah… her curls STAY luscious.

belle zpb

Name: Belle

Line Name: SophiZticated Beauty

School: BELLman Womens College

Bio: Bell is all about legacy and the liberal arts and thus she decided to go to Bellman Women’s College, the school that her mother went to before she died when Bell was young. There is a men’s college across the street and Bell is constantly being pursued by the school’s top athlete, a Que named Gaston. It is ok though because Bell pays him no mind, she is into her books and her sorority. After undergrad, her goal is to get her PhD and come back to her school as the youngest professor in its history.

Source: Watch The Yard

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