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WTHeck Is Wrong With Kids? The “Pass Out Challenge” Is The Latest Trend With Tweens

I am convinced that the young people of this generation are truly a lost cause.  I recall hearing about the pass out challenge a couple of years ago but it has seems to have resurfaced with more ummph.  It appears to be the latest “trend” with the tweens.

Young people obviously have nothing to do and their parents are not paying enough attention to them to notice the dangerous games they are playing with their “friends”.  I don’t know what’s more disturbing that fact that they are recording themselves doing this dumb mess or that they are too stupid to realize that what they’re doing could potentially cause damage later on. 

Children with no supervision will do some stupid things. 

Below are some young girls no more than 11 or 12 years old trying the “challenge” in their bedroom giving play by-play instructions.



I said it before peer pressure must be a heck of a thing!!! 

Spread the word about this “challenge” to parents who do care about what their kids are doing. 

Another video of this sick challenge:


All I can say is PLEASE PRAY for our children!!

Source: YouTube


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