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Woman Loses Her Leg While Fighting With Another Woman Over A Man

Woman Loses Her Leg After A Fighting With Another Woman Over A Man

Police say an argument erupted between two women involved in a love triangle over a man which got way out of control.  As a result of this dispute, one woman got so angry that she drove her SUV into the other woman causing her to lose her leg.  Her leg was completely severed and she was left for dead because the driver took off leaving her at the scene to fend for herself.

Kasheena Mordica the young lady who ran over Ashley Weatherspoon is being charged with second-degree attempted murder and for leaving the scene of a violent accident.

According to witnesses, Police says she never attempted to render aid to Ashley Weatherspoon who she almost killed.

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The man who the women were allegedly fighting over is 32-year-old Marco Mack who was dating both women.

Apparently he is the desire of both these women and the reason the women were fighting in the first place which Caused the vicious attack, however, he was not directly involved in the actual confrontation.   He was still arrested on an outstanding warrant of burglary and grand theft.

Relatives of the injured woman are tight lipped about the incident, they are praying for the best for their loved one who lost her leg in this despicable act of violence.

Mordica has since made bond and is out of jail while Mack is still jailed for unrelated charges.



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