Woman Credited For Bringing Back Hit Show “The Game” And BET Fights Over Facebook Fan Page


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We all remember when the tv series “The Game” was canceled by CW. A lady by the name of Stacey Mattocks started a Fan Page on FaceBook to have the series return to television. Mattocks Fan Page for The Game gained over 750,000 like and grew even more once BET started promoting the show. BET has credited Mattocks as the reason that The Game  was back on air.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, BET initially offered to pay Stacey $30 per hour as a freelancer for her social media efforts, but they eventually wanted something more permanent, and reportedly offered to pay Stacey $85,000 to promote The Game via social media over a one-year period.

“BET was searching for a more ‘permanent’ way to capitalize on the FB Page and Mattocks’ efforts. Therefore, on December 15, 2010, BET submitted a proposed contract to Mattocks that would have paid her a maximum of $85,000.00 over a one year period. Mattocks declined this offer because it was unreasonably low, would have stripped her of all rights to the FB Page, and, moreover, could have been terminated at any point by BET, with or without cause.”

In 2011, Mattocks Fan Page was deleted and BET started their own but was not as successful. Once again they offered Mattocks $15,000 for her Facebook and Twitter and she asked for 1.2 million. In the ongoing battle, BET decided to have Facebook to remove Mattocks Fan Page based on a cease and desist letter in which they filed. Mattocks is currently suing BET for breach of contract, lost of income and copy right infringement.

EarHustle411 will keep you updated on this feud.

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