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Wisconsin Mother Accidentally Feeds Infant Child Vodka Infused Formula; Boyfriend Arrested For Domestic Violence In Same Case

This is a most unfortunate situation that is bringing about all sorts of questions.  Natalee Kahl was doing what she would normally do when feeding a newborn she used what she thought to be water to mix baby formula turned out to be vodka.  After feeding the infant with what was supposed to be “water-based” formula and the child is not acting nor looking normal, Natalee Kahl and Smith get into an argument that turned into a “domestic violence” situation about what was fed to the baby.  Brian Smith of Kenosha, became irate with the Kahl knowing that the “water” bottle she used to make the infant’s milk was the vodka he poured into the bottle to drink at a later time.

Clearly the fault of these turn of events point towards the Smith and then to get angry and assault the mother because of what he did is not accepting responsibility for his actions.  Now Brian Smith could possibly be spending time behind bars for something that could have been easily avoided had there not been a breakdown in communication.

Thank goodness the baby will be alright.  The mother spoke to WISN about the incident and expresses she has learned from this situation and wants to be a family again and put this behind her.   (See interview below)

Read more about his this unfortunate situation got started as reported by WISN:

kahl and smith

Photo credit WISN

Kenosha police said a woman fed her infant vodka instead of water Monday.

According to a criminal complaint against Brian Smith, 22, police were called to a home on 52nd Street Monday evening to respond to an argument and assault.

When police arrived, the found Smith screaming and swearing at a group of about a dozen people gathered around a car.  Officers said Smith was holding open the rear door, and a 20-year-old woman was inside the car.

According to the complaint, Jones threatened officers by yelling, “Don’t (expletive) touch me,” and came toward them with clenched fists. After a brief struggle with officers, he was handcuffed.

Documents state that an officer then spoke to the woman in the car, who was crying and sobbing uncontrollably.  She then told the officer that Smith had choked her after she had used a water bottle filled with vodka to feed her 1-month-old child, Daviarre.

The complaint said the baby consumed about 2 ounces of vodka in her formula. Officers observed that the child’s breathing was labored and an ambulance was called.

The baby’s blood-alcohol level registered as 0.294 and she was transferred to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for treatment.

The mother said she and Smith were in their apartment when he asked if the baby had been fed. She said she had used the water bottle she always uses in the kitchen. Jones then became upset and started yelling and said he had dumped out the water and had filled the bottle with vodka, intending to take it with him.

The complaint said he continued to yell at her, threw a bottle at her, pushed her and grabbed her by the neck so hard she was unable to speak.

According to the complaint, the argument and fight continued out in a hallway and into the parking lot, which is when police arrived.

Police believe the incident was an accident, and the mother will likely not face any charges.

The baby’s grandfather said it was all a big misunderstanding.

“It was an honest mistake, and then it led up to a bunch of other things, and he didn’t know what to do, and he was scared,” Allen Jones said.

Smith is facing charges of strangulation and battery, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer. He could face nearly 10 years in prison if convicted.

Lt. Bradley Hetlet said the baby was expected to be released from the hospital late Wednesday.

Police said the alcohol part of the case was an accident and that Smith and his girlfriend should not expect to face any child neglect charges.

“I spoke with the detective about this, this morning, and it appears this was just the series of unfortunate events that led to this, and it was just a mistake,” Hetlet said.

Source: WISN

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