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Why Pay For Fast Food At Frugals In Tacoma, Washington When You Can Pay With Marijuana?? [Video]


Two employees at a Frugals fast food restaurant in Washington were fired after they were caught on camera accepting hits from a marijuana pipe in exchange for burgers and fries. The video was shot in April by a friend of Jonah Tacoma, a marijuana advocate, as they drove-through the chain’s restaurant located on Pacific Avenue.

The video shows the two employees accepting Tacoma’s pipe and taking hits from it. “We were going through the drive-through and when we were done ordering, I offered to pay with a dab instead of cash. She said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ We started filming when we pulled up,” said Tacoma.

A “dab,” also known as “hash oil” or “shatter,” is a concentrated form of marijuana.

Tacoma said that the employees had asked him to not share the video online for at least a week, and it was only after a month that he posted it on YouTube on May 11.

Laurie Macarty, the financial manager for Frugals, said in a statement, “Frugals has a zero tolerance drug policy in the workplace, and we in no way condone the type of conduct captured.”

The two employees were fired after a customer contacted the company and informed them of the existence of the video. Once management had seen the video, the employees’ manager was contacted and the duo’s employment was terminated. The two as-of-yet unidentified employees had been working for the restaurant since 2012.

The statement by Macarty also read, “How very unfortunate that the media has chosen to spotlight and sensationalize this incident, which may only serve to encourage this type of behavior in publicity seeking individuals. The isolated actions of the two terminated employees do not in any way reflect the Frugals crew as a whole.”

And this is exactly what Tacoma, who runs Dabstars — a website promoting dabbing, which is legal in Washington for individuals over 21 — hopes will happen, and he anticipates it will help further his cause.

In regards to the two now-unemployed workers, he said, “I don’t think we put them in jeopardy. I think they chose to participate. The reality is we are making a statement.”



Source: Financial Juneteenth

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