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Why Is The Media Quiet About The Death Of 16-Year Old Gynnya McMillen Who Died In A Detention Center?

Why Is The Media Quiet About The Death Of 16-Year Old Gynnya McMillen In Police Custody?

Why is the media quiet about this latest African American dying in police custody?  Why has there not been any news coverage of this beautiful 16-year old girl who died in a detention center.

It’s always the same old story, either suicide or no cause of death found so they say it’s natural causes.

See What her sister posted to Facebook:

16 year old Gynnya Mcmillen 3


16 year old Gynnya Mcmillen 4

6-year old Gynnya McMillen died in a juvenile detention center in Kentucky and her family is getting no answers and very little response from authorities.

This message came from her sister:

“I’m asking that everyone repost and share my sisters story on your pages and in any groups that will help us get it out there. My 16yr old sister died in custody of a detention center but they’re not giving out any info on how she was found and they’re saying here autopsy shows no cause of death. The news channels only played her story one time. We want justice and Kentucky isn’t giving it to us! Thanks for all the prayers and help. Gynnya McMillen”

Please show support for the family at their facebook page below:

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