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White Man kills African-American Cab Driver and His Friend & Then Slow Cooks Them In His Backyard, He’s Now Out On Bond

White Man kills African-American Cab Driver and His Friend & Then Slow Cooks Them In His Backyard, He's Now Out On Bond

(Photo Credit: Charleston County Detention Center)

On a normal saturday evening, an African-American Cab driver named Guma Oz Dubar and his friend James Cody Newland picked up a passenger named James Edward Loftis from a South Carolina Strip Club.  Everything appeared normal and typical.  Nothing would have prepared them for what would follow later that night.

The cab driver dropped 39- Year old James Loftis off at him home in Goose Creek and that’s when things went sour. the passenger started accusing the cab driver of charging too much and refused to pay, he then claimed that the cabbie and his friend tried to hustle him out of large sums of money.

He then stated after he refused to pay, the cab driver and friend tried to force their way into his home in which he shot them both in the head and chest killing them.

James Loftis then dragged both bodies to his backyard and dug a shallow grave, set them on fire and slow cooked both men.

When police arrived at the home, the man’s wife who was out of town at the time said her husband told her he killed them both and put them in his backyard.  She said she noticed the smell of bleach where he attempted to clean up the bloody mess he made.

The South Carolina man is now facing 2 counts of murder for the death of the cab driver and his friend.

Family and friends of Dubar said he would never force anyone to pay and that he would have called the police.

Stephen Harris, the attorney appointed to defend Loftis, acknowledges that what his client did was “Horrendous” but claims under South Carolina’s Stand Your Ground Law he had every right to defend himself .

According to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division website, the state’s Protection or Persons and Property Act is essentially a “Stand Your Ground” law that legally authorizes the use of deadly force against an intruder in your home, car or place of business.  The law also grants immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for persons who use lethal force to defend themself.

Judge Markey Dennis agreed to allow the defendant to post $250K bond and he was released stating he doesn’t consider him a flight risk.  His lawyer says he will remain on house arrest until his trial date.

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