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White Man From Iowa Claims Black Girls Trigger His PTSD After Being Arrested For Threatening A Groups Of Kids

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Ear Hustlee 411 finds stories that are sometimes hard to believe or comprehend and we believe this one has really taken the cake. A white man from Iowa claims that African American females triggers his PTSD and he was arrested after threatening a group of girls and using racial slurs.

Via THOnline 

A Dubuque man faces a criminal charge for allegedly threatening a group of girls and using a racial slur.

Patrick A. Tomkins, 43, of 1188 White St., was arrested at 6:22 p.m. Sunday at his residence on a charge of disorderly conduct by abusive epithets/threat. The charge alleges that Tomkins directed an abusive epithet at or made a threatening gesture knowing the behavior likely would provoke a violent reaction.

Court documents state Dubuque police received a call at about 6 p.m. Saturday to the area of Prescott Elementary School, 1151 White St. Police spoke with several girls who said a man from 1188 White St. called them a racial slur and repeatedly asked them if they wanted to fight while grabbing himself. The girls were on the school’s playground at the time.

Police spoke with Tomkins, who said he “told them to get out of my (expletive) school and to get out of my (expletive) town,” according to court documents. Police said Tomkins admitted to making derogatory remarks and asking the girls to fight. Tomkins said African-American females trigger his post-traumatic stress disorder.


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