White Man Dressed In Black Face Is Apprehended By Police When He Attempted To Rob A Bank

A 40-year-old white man named Jarred Schmittle attempted to rob a Wells Fargo bank in Corona, California while wearing blackface.

After a silent alarm was triggered suggesting a robbery in progress, police arrived on the scene immediately. Apparently Jarred thought by wearing black face, his crime could be blamed on a black man however, Police were not fooled by his ensamble and horrible disguise.

He entered the bank and made his way to the teller line with a note which demaned money. He also informed the teller that he was carrying a gun. jarred ran off with no money completly empty-handed after a a few minutes.

It wasn’t until November when police got new leads which led them to Schmittle’s house in Lake Elsinore where he was arrested.

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