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On this episode of EarHustle411’s “Whatever Happened To?” we are going back in time and focusing on the musical artist Tevin Campbell.  I can recall when this young fella came on the scenes with a great inspirational song on the Quincy Jones: Back On The Block Album titled “Tomorrow (A Better You, ether Me) and he was a hit sensation.


One thing I truly loved about Tevin Campbell was that he has a massive vocal range for such a young artist.  Prior to him releasing his first musical project he has made appearances and recorded songs for several movie soundtracks like Boyz In The Hood, A Goofy Movie, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. Tevin had a part in the movie Graffiti Bridge where he recorded with Prince the high energy and catchy song “Round and Round“.

What amazes me about this young man in the beginning of his career he was known for recording songs that had a “meaning” to them with memorable song hooks and by the time he recorded his first album T.E.V.I.N. in 1991 he was crooning words that most older artist would record.  I thought he is just too young to be singing the lyrics and content he was singing because of his age, but whomever came up with that concept was genius because it worked.  Tevin had all the ladies as fan and the first time I heard his first album I WAS HOOKED!!  That first album yielded some serious “bedroom” hits.  Then the second album was released like “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do” and “Alone With You” and the bold diss song “Goodbye” and one of my favorites, the sensual yet innocent “Confused”.  Tevin with his tenor sound and 4 octave range was right on the money with his 2nd album, he utilized this range the fullest and truly showed the industry that he is right where he belongs.

By the time Tevin’s second album “I’m Ready” was released, I was surely hooked on the sounds of this young tender thang!! With songs like the album title I’m Ready,  Shhh, Can We Talk, Always In My Heart, Brown Eyed Girl and I personal favorite Don’t Say Goodbye Girl which is about a girl who is seeking to leave him for what she thinks will be better (a very common occurrence with women quite relevant don’t you think….LOL!!)

As successful as Tevin was with his first 2 albums, his 3rd would not be as fortunate.  Back To The World which was produced by Sean Combs (P. Diddy) was met with a lackluster welcome, however is did make some headway on the charts but nothing nearly as comparable as his first 2 projects. The song “I Got It Bad” was a hit on the R & B charts but never reach a higher lever on other charts.   So Tevin begin to withdraw from the music industry.


Even though Tevin had run into some adversity, I mean who hasn’t and he has endured scrutiny about his sexuality which in my personal opinion has NOTHING to do with his talents.  Tevin is one of those artists that are truly under appreciated and underrated.  I believe that if more had been put into his growth he would still be on top of the world.  I believe that those who were involved in his career in the beginning just really didn’t now what do to with him.  He survived the infamous “sophomore jinx” but never made it past the 3rd dip.  He has been blessed to have worked with some of the industry’s finest, Brandy, Al B Sure!, Coko, Faith Evans, Johnny Gill, Trey Songz, robin Thicke and Tyrese Gibson.  There is talk that Tevin will be returning this year back to his roots of musicianship and singing coming from a stint on Broadway, so it’s obvious he has been keeping busy. It’s good to see artists branch out into other things sometimes that’s just how God planned it.


Tevin Campbell old and young

Earhustle411 wishes Tevin Campbell all the best on his planned comeback.  I can say with 100% certainty that THIS LONGTIME FAN cannot wait……(you’ve waited too long.) God’s blessings upon him.  Enjoy more music from Tevin Campbell.   





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