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On this episode of Earhustle411’s What Ever Happened To? we are highlighting a very talented young man.  Rahsaan Patterson doesn’t that name sound familiar? Well it should he has been in the music business for many years.  Having been named after the 1960s Jazz Saxophonist the Late Rahsaan Roland Kirk (1935-1977), destiny had Rahsaan by the hand and let him to his chosen profession.

Rahsaan Patterson has been active in the industry since 1984, he got his start when he was cast member “The Kid” on the popular 80s television show Kids Incorporated.  Now in 1984 I would have been a junior in high school but that did not stop me from getting me “boogie” on with the boys and girls from Kids Inc.  Rahsaan has sung several cover songs on the show but each time he has put his all into it and made it his own. ki_4_kid

Rahsaan was a very busy young man, getting his experience as a back up singer in the beginning of his professional career and loaned his vocals to Colour Club’s self-titled album .  He also has garnered some writers credits.  To my surprise he penned 2 of my favorite songs, Brandy’s smash hit “Baby” and our most recent “What Ever Happened To Artist” Tevin Campbell’s hit song  “Back To The World.”  


Rahsaan’s first self titled solo project released in 1997 and truthfully it’s always on rotation in my iPod tracks like “Stop By’‘,  “Where You Are” and my favorite “Spend The Night”.  “Rah” as many of his close friends call him has this sound that is very soothing and calming to the spirit and every song is sure to hit the inner core.  I rarely classify an artist’s genre or style but “Rah” is R&B, Smooth Jazz and Neo-Soul all wrapped into one.  He is the total package!!

On the second album Love In Stereo released in 1999, “Rah” in my opinion stepped his already tight game up and working with talented producers like my good friend and Chicago native Steve “Silk” Hurley on the track “Get Here” he made some serious fans in Chicago.  The first single released on this album “Treat You Like A Queen” struck chords with women across the globe as a signature song for his bold statement against domestic violence.  Rah’s” musical style has filtered its way through the “Steppers” community and the track “It’s Alright Now” has been played at many a steppers events across the country.



Rahsaan’s 3rd, 4th, 5th & Holiday albums all have garnered a decent level of success but what gets my mind about this talented man and his career is that he has never has a #1 record and although I am sure that he would love to crack the #1 spot it’s truly overrated if you asked me.  There are plenty of artists that have made it to the top of the charts but where are they now?? Rahsaan Patterson has obtained more than meager success, he has achieved longevity in a business that is so very critical.  In Rahsaan’s personal life he admits to being openly gay (which has NOTHING to do with his talent) and he says

“For me, it’s not about being ‘the gay artist’; I’m an artist.”


Well I can say that it does not matter what his sexual preference is that is not something for me to place judgement on but what I do know is good music and since 1984 Rahsaan Patterson has had golden touch to sustain.  Having collaborated with other artist like Ledisi, Lalah Hathaway and appearing on several movie soundtracks I don’t foresee “Rah” slowing down anytime ever.  He is currently still touring and he has been to Chicago a few times but his next visit to the Windy City I am going to make sure that I am in the midst of musical greatness.

Earhustle411 sends our best wishes to Rahsaan Patterson for continued success and we hope to see you live real soon.


View more of Rah’s music and see how talented he is for yourselves.

Check Rahsaan Patterson on social media and his website:

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Source: Wikipedia, AllMusic.com


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