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Wendy Williams Says Mary J. Blige Should Find A Nice White Man In Response To Her Filing For Divorce…WOW!!

When will Wendy Williams ever learn?  Sometimes it’s best to leave people to the decisions they make rather than sticking our 2 worthless pennies in other people’s business.  It looks like Wendy Williams has gotten herself in some more neck-deep hot water with her latest comments on her show.  Williams discusses the former couple’s marriage and the fact the Kendu Isaacs is seeking spousal support.  The couple had no children together while Wendy says if they have property together to sell it and if Mary J Blige can prove that she paid Isaacs for his managerial duties and makes mention of the Burger King Chicken Wrap Commercial.

Wendy Williams

Photo Credit: Wendy Williams Show YouTube Channel

Williams goes on to say that Blige needs to get herself a nice white man who is a little older than her, with his own money…REALLY WENDY!! Of course her audience goes wild at her comments but since when does a black woman dating a white man become the resolution to a relationship.

We all know this isn’t the first time Wendy Williams has made some awkward remarks on her show.  When just a few short months ago she garnered some unfavorable coverage with her comments about the NAACP and HBCUs.  EarHustle411 does not see this being the last time Wendy Williams will upset the viewing public with her “views” or worthless 2 pennies.

Take a look as what’s causing all of the commotion:

Source: YouTube

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