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What A Way To Start 2015!! Racial Epithet “Move N****r Now” Spray Painted On An Alabama Woman’s Garage


Geez, is it 2015 or 1915?

Well down in Limestone County, Alabama it might as well be 1915 as far as some vandals are concerned after they smashed in windows and spray-painted “MOVE NIGGER NOW” on the garage of a black grandmother, according to WHNT.

The victim, Terry Turner, told the TV station that she and her granddaughter were in the back bedroom of her home Wednesday evening, New Year’s Eve, when she heard a series of crashes coming from the front of her house. Believing her home was being invaded, she grabbed her granddaughter and crawled out the bedroom window, then called 911.

When Limestone County sheriffs arrived, they found no one inside the home, as the crash that Turner heard was the sound of rocks being tossed through her windows. But they did find a message to the grandmother spray-painted on the garage — “MOVE NIGGER NOW.”

Interestingly, Turner says she was not surprised by what happened because for years she has endured people driving by her home and yelling racial slurs at her and her family. But Turner doesn’t have hate in her heart for whoever vandalized her home.

“I just don’t understand. I don’t know why. I guess because I’m black. But I’m not the only black person that lives out here.”

Turner may be setting herself up for another visit from the no-gooders; she also told TV station WAFF that she’s not going anywhere.

“This is my home,” she said. “I’m free to live wherever I want to live.”

Watch a report on the incident via WAFF below.

Source: Eurweb.com

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