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Warren Ohio: Ear Hustle 411 Missing Person Alert 18-Year Old “Alesha Bell”

Ear Hustle 411 Missing Person Alert!!!!
Ear Hustle 411 was personally asked to post a picture of this beautiful young lady by the name of Alesha Bell who has gone missing.  Her family is desperately looking for answers in her disappearance.
She  went missing LITERALLY 2 weeks after turning 18 therfore her mother was told NO AMBER ALERT could be made because she is 18 and considered an adult.  It didn’t matter that it was just a couple of weeks.
The last her mother heard from her was by a text stating “If I don’t make it back home…”  “I need you.”  “I’m scared.”
Calls to her cell phone have not been returned, and her mother states that she received a couple more texts but she could tell that it was not from her daughter because of the grammar, etc.
There has been flyers posted on social media and everywhere the family & friends  could think of. They have even gotten help from celebrities that her moms friend work with and have shared on their social media.
Now, we’re asking you to please help us spread the word.  PLEASE share with your friends/followers on social media, forward this email or whatever you can do to help bring awareness and bring this beautiful young lady home.  This MISSING TEEN, Alesha Bell  has a 2 year-old son at home missing his mother.
Again if you have any information on Alesha Bell please call Warren City Police at 330-841-2512.
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