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Warm Up The Oven!! Pillsbury Releases Self Bake Girl Scout Cookies Mixes

Awwww right now all you Girl Scout cookie lovers!! Get your ovens warmed up and prepare to be in cookie heaven when those scrumptious Thin Mints or delectable Caramel & Coconut goodies are not available for purchase.  The Pillsbury company along with the blessing of the Girl Scouts released new line of Girl Scout cookie baking mixes.  Now fans of the iconic cookies can make them at their leisure and have them as often as they like, and if you’re fan of cookies you can get baby shower cookie bouquets online as well.

girl scout cookie mix

Photo Credit: Pillsbury/Girl Scouts

This move is a step in the right direction for the people who need their Girl Scout cookie fix in between the cookie campaigns.  We can smell the aromas already and hope the cookie overdoses are kept to a bare minimum.  Check out more below:

Source: USA Today (video)

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