Walmart Issues An Apology After A 3rd Party Vendor Calls A Wig Cap “Ni**er Brown On Their Website


Photo Credit: Google

Per WGN News, Walmart is apologizing for a racial slur used by a third-party seller in a product description on its website.

The caption for a wig cap described its color as “n—–r” brown.

The ad  appeared early Monday and has been taken down.

Walmart calls it offensive and a clear violation of its policies. It has launched an investigation of the seller to find out how it happened.

The ad said the cap was made by a British Company, Jagazi Naturals.

That company says the product is a counterfeit sold by an unauthorized seller.

In a statement, Jagazi describes itself as “a 100 percent black company for black people. People have often used our brand name to try and sell their fake products. Please be aware. Very sorry for all the distress this has caused. We are feeling the pain here as well. Most shocking!”.

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