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Waffle House Cook Shoots And Kill Man Inside Diner After Verbal Altercation


Diner Adrian Mosley, 33, is dead after getting into an altercation with Waffle House cook Quintavius Martin, 25, in the wee hours of Friday morning. This is the second Atlanta-area Waffle House shooting this month.

According to witness Ontray Haley, Mosley came into the Waffle House with another man and a woman around 4 a.m. Friday morning. “The girl got into it first with the security guard and they told her she had to leave the property,” Haley tells The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “So she left but the other two guys hung around and they told them they had to leave. The cook refused to serve them because they were getting unruly.” Then Mosley and the other man “got into it with the cook and the guy that got shot [Mosley], he threatened the cook. He told him, you come outside and I’m going to fire you up, which basically meant he wanted to shoot him.” According to Haley, the shooting happened right at the counter.

Martin has been charged with murder, using a firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Earlier this month, an off-duty cop working as a security guard at another Atlanta-area Waffle House was shot and killed by a customer.

Source: Gawker


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