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Virginia Mom Allegedly Finds A Grasshopper in A Can of Glory Greens!!!

Virginia Mom  Allegedly Finds A Grasshopper  in A Can of Glory Greens!!!
A Richmond mother called 12 On Your Side after allegedly finding a large insect inside a can of mustard greens.
“I was sick to my stomach,” said Roxanne Jones. “I didn’t even eat. I couldn’t even eat that night.”
Jones says it was hard to spot at first.
“I was like what the hell is this?” questioned Jones who claims she found what appears to be a bug inside a can of Glory Mustard Greens. “I was shocked. I used to eat Glory Greens. I used to eat it before I stopped eating pork. I used to tear it all to pieces with hot sauce and everything.”
But no hot sauce was needed to leave her boiling mad.
“So I did the right thing,” said Jones. “I said I’m going to call 12 On Your Side.”
Her receipt shows she purchased the mustard greens from Community Supermarket on Mechanicsville Turnpike.
“We are taking action to make sure that everything gets corrected,” said assistant store manager Johnny Gardner. “We are going to pull the batch off the shelves, and we are going to send it back to the manufacturer and get some more greens in here. Hopefully this won’t happen again.”
We also reached out to the manufacturer McCall Farms, but our message was not returned. However, the company has sent Roxanne a box with a return label so they can launch their own investigation.
“I did what they asked me to do,” said Roxanne. “I put it in the box and brought it to the post office.”

MSNewsNow.com – Jackson, MS

Source:  Msnnewsnow.com


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