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Violinist Sparks Outrage After Tweeting For Her Violin To Be Returned From Train Derailment


A Washington National Opera musician, who was on board the Amtrak train that derailed Tuesday night, killing seven passengers and injuring at least 200 others, is facing backlash for complaining on social media about her missing violin.

Professional violinist and music professor Jennifer Kim was among the 238 passengers traveling from Washington DC to New York on Amtrak train 188 when it went off the rails in Philadelphia at around 9pm.

Some survivors had to scramble through the windows of toppled cars to escape. One of the seven cars was completely mangled.

About 15 minutes after the deadly wreck, Ms Kim sent out an acerbic tweet directed at the accounts @AmtrakNEC and @Amtrak which read: ‘thanks a lot for derailing my train. Can I please get my violin back from the 2nd car of the train?’


The tweet was accompanied by a blurry cellphone photo that showed first responders in blue uniforms converging on the toppled train.

Jacob M. Schmitt wrote sarcastically: ‘Because your violin is the highest priority for EMT’s and first responders right now.’

Another outraged user Steve Hallett fumed: ‘Some woman was complaining to Amtrak after her violin got destroyed. Are you kidding me…’

But others have rushed to Ms Kim’s defense, including a Twitter user named Sarah who urged the violinist’s critics to ‘give the girl a break.’

According to a biography posted on her personal blog, Jennifer Kim graduated from Columbia University with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and the prestigious Julliard School with a Master’s in music.

She is a member of the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra/Washington National Opera Orchestra and a substitute for National Symphony Orchestra and New York Philharmonic.

Working as a studio musician on the side, Kim has recorded on soundtracks for more than a half-dozen movies, including last year’s Noah starring Russell Crow, Julie/Julia and True Grit.


She also has worked with popular singers like Sting and Michael Buble.

 Source: Daily Mail

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