Video: Watch Black Women’s Reaction When White People Touch Their Hair; Some Say, “I Am Not Sarah Bartman”

Video: Watch Black Women's Reaction When White People Touch Their Hair Some Say, I Am Not Sarah Bartman

Hair is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. It falls out, it grays, it gets dandruffy, it can smell if it’s not clean, and a bad haircut can completely shatter your self-confidence. Things get more complicated, though, for black people and black women in particular. Like, there’s something mysterious, magical and endlessly fascinating to people about the texture and quality of black hair. You can check out chi keratin treatment reviews, if you wish to get the best hair treatment in town.

People instinctively want to touch it, and I’m pretty sure black people everywhere get annoyed when white people roll up to them and touch their hair without being invited in. It’s like, Can you not?

On some level it’s about exoticism and the exoticism of difference. I’m not sure I want strangers touching my hair without asking. And actually, I’m not even sure I want strangers asking to touch my hair at all.

That said, there is something sexy about being with someone from a different ethnic background who has different features than you. And by the time that happens you’re already in bed with the exoticism, plus it’s the difference between you that’s so sexy.

Watch the short film above to understand why so many black women feel violated and insulted when white people talk about black hair texture. If you still don’t understand all the fuss, think about what thing people could do that would make you feel like an object.



Source: Thoughtcatalog

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