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Video- Trucker Puts Illinois Cop On Blast For Speeding & Talking On Cell Phone!!!



A trucker doing 65 MPH was pulled over By an Illinois State Trooper allegedly for improper use of a horn when in fact, The trucker blew the horn at the cop to let him know that he was in fact the one speeding while talking on a cell phone on wet roads.

The cop being alarmed and shocked that he was being read his rights decided he was going to one up the trucker by issuing him a ticket only to find his records were in good standing and was only issued a ticket in the past for a busted tail light.

The Trucker told the cop he was being recorded and the cop responded, “So are you.”  The cop goes to his patrol car to check out the driver only to return without issuing him a ticket.

The Trucker told the cop you have to adhere to the same laws we do and you are not above the law, the cop responded you’re right, told him he was free to go.

Do you guys agree with the trucker because EarHustle 411 sure does?


Check out the video below….







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