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Video – Rapper Shot In Bodega While Shooting Music Video, Fighting Over Who Is The Best Rapper


Video - Rapper Shot In Bodega While Shooting Music Video

Over the weekend, the filming of a rap video took a gruesome turn when two struggle rappers got into an altercation, and one of them was shot several times and pistol whipped.

The tragic event went down inside a bodega in Bronx, N.Y., where the two rappers — who are actually in the same rap group — began to argue over who was the frontman of the group.

Gawker posted the graphic footage (distributed by the NYPD), which shows one man calmly standing over his 37-year-old partner-in-rhyme pointing the gun at him and shooting him several times. He then pistol whips the injured victim with the gun.

Sadly, bystanders in the store chose not to help the wounded man, who was shot in the head, legs and chest, as they simply stepped over him as they were leaving the store. One guy even looked at his phone as he walked out.

Bodega owner, Ali Abdul, told the New York Daily News that alcohol could have been at the center of the rift.

“They were fighting over who’s the star, who’s better,” he explained to NYDN. “They were drunk. They spit at each other, then one guy pulled out a gun and shot the other guy five times.”

Amazingly, the victim is expected to survive and the shooter is still at large. The NYPD is now asking witnesses to come forward and report what they know.

Source: Theboombox.com



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