[Video] Racist Russian Nazi Is Brutally Attacked In Cancun For Calling Locals Monkeys While Swastikas Are In Background

A Russian man has been seriously injured in a revenge attack after he allegedly insulted a Mexican community in videos he posted to social media.

A mob of angry residents from Cancun, Mexico, threw rocks at Aleksei Makeev, 42, while chanting  ‘You’re going to die’ and ‘I’m going to cut your head off’, as they inched closer to the half-naked Russian, who was hiding in his apartment.

Police managed to rescue Makeev, who was seriously injured and doused in blood, but also opened an investigation into a man who was allegedly stabbed by the Russian when he entered his apartment, Reuters reported.

As the attack unfolded, other community residents recorded it on their phones and provided commentary on social media.

‘Cut off [the Russian’s] head! Toss him in a ditch,’ one commentator chanted. ‘Finish him off! Get it over with!’

Residents say Makeev – who had been called #LordNaziRuso online – has been terrorizing Mexicans since his arrival. Aquaworld Cancun, where he worked as a scuba instructor,  dismissed him because ‘his behavior had begun to turn aggressive.’

Mexico’s National Immigration Institute has been trying to deport the Russian native for two years. In a statement, it said that Makeev came to its attention last year after a number of run-ins with law enforcement due to his aggressive behavior.

The Cancun residents have shunned him ever since he started posting insulting videos about them, in which he showed off his knives and insulted Mexicans – sometimes surrounded by swastika labels. In one video, he appears to be putting his middle finger up at a girl – who looked about three or four years old – while saying: ‘Look monkey, you must remember this.’

Impatient with the authorities’ slow intervention, the Mexican community decided to put matters in their own hands and attempted to lynch him.

Bats and rocks in hand, they rioted as they approached Makeev’s home and broke down his windows and door. When they managed to enter his home, they repeatedly beat him, so much so that almost every inch of his body was covered in blood and he became unconscious.

Had authorities apprehended the Russian earlier, the mob may not have had to intervene, residents claim.

Read More- Source: Daily Mail UK

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