[Video] NC Police Officer Slams Teen Girl To The Ground As She Was Breaking Up A Fight & Teen Goes Temporarily Limp

[Video] NC Police Officer Slams Teen Girl To The Ground As She Was Breaking Up A Fight & Teen Goes Completely Limp

A Rolesville, North Carolina police officer has been placed on administrative leave after videos showed him slamming a high school girl to the ground, causing her to go limp.

According to ABC 11, an eight-second video uploaded to Twitter on Tuesday shows school resource officer Ruben De Los Santos picking up 15-year-0ld Jasmine Darwin and throwing her down. A longer video obtained by the news station shows a fight between two girls prior to the incident.

Darwin’s mother, Desiree Harrison, told the local news station that the fight was between her other daughter and another girl, and that Darwin was trying to defend her sister and break up the brawl before supervisors intervened. An eyewitness later confirmed that account.

Harrison added that she wasn’t notified of the incident until the school day ended, and that she was only told that one of her daughters got in a fight — not that Darwin was thrown to the ground by an officer.

Aisha Nasser, a second eyewitness who sent ABC 11 the longer clip of the fight, said she didn’t think De Los Santos meant any harm.

“He’s one of the kindest officers I’ve ever come across,” Nasser said. “Seeing the whole situation first hand it was out of control and he was just trying to gain control of the situation and I know it wasn’t his intention to hurt that girl.”

But Harrison said she doesn’t think Darwin, an honor roll student who suffered a concussion during the incident, is safe at Rolesville High School anymore and plans on taking her out of the school.

The American Civil Liberties Union called De Los Santos’ use of force “disturbing” and said its North Carolina branch is investigating the incident.


Frank Eagles, the city’s mayor, said all of the department’s officers were given body cameras in August.

Rolesville High principal Dhedra Lassiter said in a statement late Tuesday night that “the safety of our students is our top priority.” Stay tuned as the story unfolds. We hope Officer De Los Santos’ baby cam was on and working.

Source: The GED Section

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