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UPDATE: WELP!! That Was Quick!! Reports From The Mayweather Camp; No Bail Money For Suge Knight

Update: Floyd Mayweather will not be helping out his good friend Suge Knight get out of jail.

A member of Mayweather’s “Money Team” told TMZ Sports that Matthew Flecter, Knight’s lawyer, was completely wrong in his assumption of Mayweather footing the bill. Flecther said he only made that statement because it was information he got from Knight’s family.


You can’t put a price on friendship.

Once Suge Knight’s bail was set at $10 million, everyone figured it was the last they would see of him. Floyd Mayweather reportedly isn’t going to stand for that.

The music mogul pleaded not guilty to murder, and received a July 7 trial date. Knight thought he was going to have to spend all that time in jail, but the storm clouds have parted and the weather is clear, one might even venture to call it “Mayweather.”

According to New York Daily News, Suge Knight’s lawyer is expecting the fighter to help his client after the showdown with Manny Pacquiao.

“My understanding is that Suge is going to be bailed out this coming week,” Fletcher said. “We think Mr. Mayweather’s going to win the championship and then come champion the day again. They’re good friends, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t.”


Source: Sporting News

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