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UPDATE: Georgia Man Arrested For Animal Cruelty For Taping Dog’s Mouth Shut

A Georgia man allegedly taped his roommate’s dog shut with electrical tape.

Antonio Furlow was charged with animal cruelty for the bizarre step he took to keep the pit bull Bullet from eating, drinking or speaking, according to TV Station WBSTV.

The Snellville police Department said on its Facebook page this arrest was a rare occurrence when they enjoyed locking someone up in jail.

“Taking someone’s freedom from them is not the fun part of police work…Well…we enjoyed taking this guy in. It is not surprising that our K9 Unit … volunteered to assist detectives in the warrant service. Heartbreaking the way the dog was treated,” the department posted. The dog was found Thursday severely dehydrated and malnourished, Snellville police Cpl. Jake Smith told the station.

dog cruelty

Police said the animal was found in very poor shape. His mouth was extremely swollen and he was unable to open it. The dog’s tongue was sticking out and bleeding, police said.

“The sight of the dog was heartbreaking and disturbing to all involved,” the responding officer wrote in the police report, reports the Gwinnett Daily Post.

Furlow was transported to county jail and he also may face a drug charge after authorities allegedly found marijuana in his apartment, the station reported.

The dog may have to undergo a lengthy recovery process, the station reported.

“As far as the tissue damage, it may be a little more serious than they initially thought,” Smith told the station. “So, I think the status of the dog is up in the air right now.”

Source: NY Daily News

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