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UPDATE: A Father Publicly Apologizes For His Social Media Rant While The Davenport Iowa Police Launch An Internal Police Investigation In Traffic Stop Alteration

It seems the cries for justice in the alleged beating of Untril Overstreet has been heard but definitely not before the he is held accountable for a few infractions. The Davenport, IA Police Department has launched an internal investigation into the assault on Overstreet and the actual driver of the vehicle was given a moving violation.

The father of Mr. Overstreet posted a lengthy apology for his previously spoken anger about what happened to his son however he emphatically writes that he is not a man who has intentions to do harm to anyone including the children of those in law enforcement who are responsible for his son’s injuries as he stated in his Facebook post.

All we know is a man was brutally beaten, a father is enduring some undue backlash from those who associate themselves with “Blue Lives Matter” and the police department is doing the normal routine of an internal investigation that in most cases will not hold the officers accountable but the abused will possibly be the one going to jail at the end of the day.  Something is really wrong with this picture and a resolution needs to happen quickly about the strained interactions between the community and law enforcement and not just in Iowa but across the globe.

Read more on the update in this case as reported by KWQC:

UPDATE 2/28/2017: Tuesday the Davenport Police Department filed criminal charges against 40-year-old Untril Overstreet. Overstreet is charged with drug possession and delivery, drug tax stamp, assault on persons and interference with Official Acts. Dunlap was cited for failure to yield at an intersection.

An internal investigation is still being conducted in regards to the use of force by the officers involved.

DAVENPORT, Ia. (KWQC) – One man is recovering from a six hour surgery after he claims officers from the Davenport Police Department beat him up. 40-year-old Untril Overstreet said he and his girlfriend, Elisha Dunlap, were driving near 9th and Fillmore on Friday morning when an officer first pulled them over. According to the couple, police asked Overstreet to get out of the vehicle. Police said Overstreet was aggressive with them and fled on foot before officers tased him. Dunlap said she watched Friday’s incident unfold from the driver’s seat. She claims police jumped on Overstreet’s back and face after tasing him.

“I just ran, I hit that dude’s hand and I ran, they tased me and that’s all I remember, I wasn’t violent after then,” Overstreet said.

According to Iowa Courts Online, Overstreet has been charged nearly three dozen times. Records show several convictions have sent him to prison.

“Because of my background they always want to search the car, because of my background they always want to pull me out the car,” Overstreet said.

According to the couple, Overstreet was taken to Genesis East for injuries and then transported to Iowa City Hospital. Overstreet said he sustained injuries to his hands, face, stomach and jaw, which required reconstructive surgery. The Davenport Police Department said the incident is under a criminal and internal investigation. Police said an internal investigation is standard protocol for all incidents involving the use of force. According to the department, numerous posts on social media regarding this incident are of concern due to accuracy of information as well as threats made towards officers. TV6 will continue to follow this story and provide updates on-air and online.

Source:  KWQC

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