Two Tv Reporters From Arizona Charged With Child Abuse After Their 4 Month Old Baby Tested Positive For Cocaine

Somchai Lisaius and Krystin Rae Lisaiu

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Two TV Reporter from Arizona was charged with child abuse after their 4 month old baby tested positive for cocaine. Check out the full story below.

Via ABC News

Two former Arizona TV reporters, Somchai Lisaius and Krystin Rae Lisaius, are accused of child abuse after authorities say their baby tested positive for cocaine.

Authorities say Krystin Lisaius admitted to breastfeeding her child 12 hours after ingesting cocaine, KOLD reports. She says she didn’t think it would be harmful.
On Monday, the couple pleaded not guilty to the felony child abuse charges.

“It would be a gross, gross, gross injustice if even the mention of prison time. I anticipate they will demonstrate that they have learned a very hard, embarrassing lesson and that this will become a footnote in their life, not a chapter,” said Michael Piccarreta, attorney.

The child is currently staying with her maternal grandmother. Krystin Lisaius is allowed 24-7 visitation. Her husband is only allowed 12 hours per day.

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