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Toddler Videotaped Smoking Marijuana Blunt; Chicago Special Victims Unit Investigates

Children are our most precious beings on this earth and when people do despicable things to them it sends EarHustle411 and the writing staff’s blood pressure through the roof.  A video has surfaced of a young male toddler possibly around 2 years old of him being “coached” on how to smoke a marijuana blunt.  In the video it it can be seen he is appearing affected from the the smoke.  The video was uploaded on Facebook and had garnered several views and shares when it was reported to authorities.

With the many people who are not able to have children, to see this blatant abuse of this child is just ridiculous.  Take a look at the video below we captured it from YouTube:

According to reports the video has been turned over to the Chicago Police and their Special Victims Unit will be investigating and the Department of Children and Family Services have been made aware of the video and have not opened a case to begin investigating into the video.  Hopefully the authorities can find the adult who taped this disturbing video.

Source: YouTube

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