“Jamie Foster Brown Say’s TLC Will be put on Blast, Left Eye’s Family say’s T-Boz & Chili Lied”

Dr. Jamie Foster Brown, CEO of Sister 2 Sister Magazine say’s that Pebbles daughter proved that Pebbles only had a production deal with TLC and that Clive Davis and L.A. Reid ran everything else.  They got .16 cents on the dollar and had to split it 4 ways which included pebbles.  She also makes mention that TLC promised to take care of Left Eyes mom and she has yet to hear from them. Check out the December issue of Sister 2 Sister for the 411.


Pebbles will  also be writing a tell all book which will apparently make T-Boz and Chilli not look so good considering Left Eye’s Uncle is behind Pebbles.  The video below will give you a little more perspective on what really happened.  Fast forward to about the 9-10 minute mark to hear what Dr. Jamie Foster Brown has to say.



EarHustle411 will keep you posted on the drama that unfolds.




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