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“The Verdict In: “Michael Dunn Guilty As Charged In The Murder of Jordan Davis!!!


After countless hours of deliberating, The verdict is in for the Jordan Davis case.  Michael Dunn charged with 1st Degree Murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis in Jacksonville Florida has been found guilty on 4 counts of attempted murder and a mistrial in the murder case of Jordan Davis.   This case is racially charged trial which has revived memories of a notorious case that gripped the United States last year.



This case is very symbolic of a similar case were the shooter George Zimmerman was acquitted  last year of Murdering 17-year-old Travon Martin he also claimed self-defense and used the “Stand your Ground Law” in defense although he stalked, harassed and murdered the young man. A jury did not find him guilty as his attorney argued that George Zimmerman was defending himself and that Travon brutally attacked him.


jordan davis mother

The family of Jordan Davis was prepared for whatever verdict a jury might deliver in the murder trial of the teen’s accused killer.  Today the family can rest knowing that Michael Dunn will be locked up for a very long time even though there was a mistrial regarding their son.



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