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The living is privileged to be alive and to be able to look backwards in time at the dead, how they lived their lives their generation and the world that they were born into. The SCRIBE has that opportunity this morning to look backwards in time at the life and generation of one Martin Luther King Jr. Every year at this time the nation, whites and blacks, have a love in with the life of Martin Luther King,  but why? You all know the story of Martin Luther King, how he led peaceful demonstrations all over America to repudiate oppression of the so-called Negro. You all are aware by now that he was assassinated on the balcony of a hotel in Memphis. I would never try to diminish how he sacrificed his life for black Americans but I want to take this story in another direction. What direction might that be? It’s more of a question and that question is why Martin Luther King? How come the nation is so quick to shower so much love on Martin and not the other black heroes who lived either before him or in his generation?



                 NAT TURNER                       



How come you have never seen a movie on Nat Turner or had Nat Turner day? That is because Nat Turner sought equality through the end of the sword. Nat Turner went from farm to farm with about 70 captives killing every white person that they came in contact with. The historians have stated that Nat Turner killed about 55 to 65 whites (they called it a massacre) on the different slave plantations that he encountered on his quest for freedom. Now this modern-day historian will call the actions of Nat Turner evil and wicked but that is not the case. The man was stolen from his continent, forced into slavery and he and the others had a God-given right to escape by any means necessary. Now the whites of that generation blamed his wanting to be free on his being educated, so the white legislatures passed laws prohibiting the education of the captive Negro. They also passed laws restricting his right of assembly and white ministers had to be present at black worship services…..think about it! In Chicago the Daley administration passed laws prohibiting young black males to congregate on street corners (loitering laws) in violation of the Constitution which affords every American citizen the right of assembly as long as it is done peacefully. I have heard the so-called Bible giants speak on this concept of a God that encouraged slavery and I am very aware of the letter that Paul the apostle wrote stating that slaves should obey their masters. I would like to read you a passage of scripture from Exodus (Exodus 21: 16) where the creator is talking to Moses and he tells Moses”, he that steals a man and sells him or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to DEATH! When the thief made his captives (Negros) go to church he never read him this scripture, he only heard the New testament scripture that said slaves obey your masters. This was part of the brain washing and indoctrination of the hapless Negro captive and it continues to this very day. Now if the white captor had a smart Negro who was aware of this old testament scripture than the white captor  would say that the Old testament had been done away with……..novel wouldn’t you say!




(17 August 1887 – 10 June 1940)


How come the administration has never had a national day for Marcus Garvey? It is because Marcus Garvey had an idea that was before its time. Marcus Garvey made an attempt to steal the golden goose from the white man and that golden goose was the so-called Negro in America. Marcus Garvey started the Black Star Line (Ship) with the intention of taking the captive Negro back to Africa! He started an organization called the Universal Negro Improvement Association which at its zenith had 4,000,000 (four million) members. He taught the Negro captive that his true destiny was on his own continent and that with the Black Star Line they could be relocated back to countries in Africa or Liberia which had been founded by free Negro captives, that is another story. I mentioned that Marcus Garvey had an idea whose time had not arrived yet, let us examine the idea and at what time it shall come to pass. In the 25th chapter of Leviticus (Leviticus 25:8-11) the creator is telling Moses about the year of Jubilee in which he declares”, in the 50th year you shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty unto all the inhabitants thereof; It shall be a jubilee unto you and you shall return every man unto his possession and you shall return every man unto his family. Before I expound on this I would like to direct your attention to a passage of scripture in  the book of Isaiah (Isaiah 13:1-14) where God is telling the prophet that when he returns to fight the battle of Armageddon that  every man will return to his own people and to his own land. You see Marcus Garvey had an idea, an inspiration to take the Negro back to his own continent but the ideas time had not arrived. There is a time coming when the Negro must return to his own land, the European must return to Europe, the native Indian will get his land back, the black Australian Aborigine must return to Africa, the black Indians of Pakistan must return to Africa, the black Pakistanians must return to Africa, the white Dutchman in South Africa must return to Holland, the white Australian must return to Europe and this will be the greatest migration of humans that the world has ever seen. This is the thing that the black man in America has not understood and that is this, God never told him that his captivity in America would be forever! Now Marcus Garvey was right in his attempt to relocate his people back to Africa but his timing was off, there are a lot of things that must take place before the Negro captive can return to his own land and one of those events is the battle of Armageddon. So as you can see anybody that tries to deliver the Negro from the hands of the white man by force is demonized in his history books or simply ignored historically.




     It is good that you have some knowledge of Martin and Malcolm X because it saves the SCRIBE the time of having to do a detailed report on their lives. Malcolm X was a minister of the Nation of Islam who sought segregation of the Negro from the white race. He advocated delivering the Negro by any means necessary, he taught that the Negro had a God-given right to defend himself against white racists even if it meant using a gun. I believe that the Negro has the right to defend himself against anybody that threatens his life including another Negro!  This is the reason that  the Administration will never advocate a Malcolm X day because of his revolutionary overtones. America is one big colony spread out over 50 States and the only way to maintain this free Negro  colony is through violence, some horrific act that will terrify the rest of the  Negros. This is the reason from time to time a white policeman will indiscriminately murder a black man to maintain the fear factor among the Negro colonists. Leopold the butcher of Belgium used this tactic to maintain the colony in the Congo, he went so far as to cut off womans breast, mens hands, ears noses of the Congo people. He did this to instill fear in the people of the Congo while he was looting them of their minerals and this is the same technique in use right here in these United States…….think about it. Anybody that teaches the Negro that he has the right to take a life to preserve the lives of himself and his family is a traitor and a revolutionary to the system. This is the reason Malcolm X was considered a rebel to the Government of the United States, could you imagine what would have happened if 20 million Negros( the Negro population in 1960) had taken up arms to forcibly acquire true freedom in this country? The Negro would have burned America to the ground.







As you can see Marcus Garvey got a break because he was deported but Martin Luther King and Malcolm X received the instruction manual on how to maintain a colony. You kill any Negro leader who will dare to liberate his people from this captivity and you do it in a gruesome manner. You also must make sure that the other Negros see images of the murder so that they will be terrorized back into submission and that is what happened to the Negros in the 60’s and that is what has happened to the Negro in this generation. I am in no way trying to diminish what Martin Luther King did for the Negro in America but I wanted to illustrate to you why he is so loved by the establishment. They need a Negro role model who wasn’t militant to be the Negros messiah.



    I would be impartial if I didn’t mention this along with this article but there is a bigger picture. The international bankers that maintain this colony in the United States have an unspoken policy that reads like this; Anybody that tries to deliver the Negro out of our hands will be eliminated no matter what color he is and no matter what position he holds. Can I prove this? Yes….let’s take a trip down memory lane.


b&w film copy neg.            Unauthenticated photo of Lincoln after death, April 16,1865






All of these white men have one thing in common, they all tried t help the Negro captive out of his abject condition, John Brown tried to lead a revolt by enlisting Negro captives and was hanged. The house Negro sold the old man out. Abraham Lincoln tried to purchase land in South America to emigrate the Negro but was assassinated. John Kennedy fought for the Civil rights of the people along with Martin Luther King and was shot. Bobby Kennedy tried to pick up the blood stained banner to continue his brothers efforts and was shot, so as you can see who ever tries to free the Negro from his mental, physical and economic captivity is murdered!



We the American people (white and black) have every right to be proud of what Martin accomplished in his life, his marches for equality, how he sacrificed himself for the poor and the downtrodden of the Earth. This was a remarkable man but does that mean that we cannot examine the dynamics behind his national day? Of course not, this is the reason that you have historians and SCRIBES, so that you can take trips backwards in time and arrive at sensible conclusions. Think about this for one moment the system gives you Martin not Malcolm; Martin was peaceful but Malcolm was violent.  The system gives you Jesse Jackson not Louis Farrakhan; Jesse is peaceful  is violent. The system never mentions John Brown or Nat Turner because they wanted freedom by violence. These are the cold hard facts and this is the reason that Martin is illuminated above all the other Negro leaders that came before him, the system can not have the despised, down trodden Negro gravitate toward those that would be free by any means necessary. I don’t want you to think that the SCRIBE has stopped writing on this page because I haven’t, I simply have to wait on something of substance to write about and then I have to be moved by the Holy Spirit to put it together. The world has become a treacherous and evil place to live in, be careful and until we meet again….may God be with you.


The SCRIBE recommends these books for black history month:

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