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The “Roc-A-Fella” Hand Symbol Is Reportedly To Be Trademarked By Jay-Z

When someone make the diamond shape with their hands one can only think about the infamous “Roc” as in Roc-A-Fella Records mogul Jay-Z.  Word on the street is that the head of the “diamond” wielding team has applied for trademark status on the diamond hand symbol.

Another move by the mastermind of music!! This too shall be an interesting.

Read more as reported by Metro:

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Jay-Z is about to close to portal between the real world and that of the Illuminati as it was reported he applied to trademark the famous ‘Roc-A-Fella’ diamond hand symbol used by basically everyone in his crew – from Kanye West to his wife Beyonce.

Some say it’s the sign of the Illuminati – you know, the powerful organisation that secretly controls the entire modern world, apparently, headed by such famous cronies as the aforementioned musical artist.

And The Queen.

Yeah, it’s a bizarre concept, so we shall now move on *shifty eyes*.

According to TMZ, Jay, 44, has just filed legal docs to obtain exclusive rights to roc(k) the symbol as he so pleases.

To be specific, Beyonce’s husband would apparently like to use it in entertainment services in either music, video, TV or film. Just the bare minimum.

Why is he trademarking a dang gesture you ask? Great question.

Jay – real name Shawn Carter – was sued by Diamond Dallas Page in 2005 over the symbol, but it was all dismissed out of court.

Seems Jay wants to make sure that never happens again as he gets the iron-clad receipts to prove its his move.

This isn’t the only trademark Jay is apparently seeking to add to his businesses, though – this week it also emerged he’s looked into trademarking a fast food joint called Hovino.

Source: Metro

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