“The George Zimmerman Fight is Officially Cancelled”



There has been opposition to George Zimmerman’s “celebrity” boxing match ever since it was announced.  Boxing promoter Damon Feldman announced that Zimmerman would be fighting rapper DMX.  It was later revealed that the announcement was premature and DMX hadn’t officially agreed to anything nor had he signed any paperwork.

Nonetheless the opposition continued as people damned Feldman for growing Zimmerman as a “celebrity” and putting money in the pocket of the man who killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.  Although some people would love to see Zimmerman hurt as “revenge” this was seen as a big opportunity in his favor.

People continued to fight against it, signing petitions and basically living in Feldman’s Twitter mentions.  Well it’s all worked out as Feldman announced via his Twitter account that the fight is cancelled.


Source:  TheSource.com

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