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Texas Mother Allegedly Beat Daughter Over Shells In Eggs After She Served Her Breakfast In Bed

Jacqueline Jimenez-Parro

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An 11-year-old girl, allegedly choked the day before by her mother who accused her of losing a pen, apparently tried to appease her mom the next day by serving her breakfast in bed.

That was April 2, but the child’s plan, according to the charges against Jacqueline Jimenez-Parro, had another violent outcome.

There were bits of shell in the scrambled eggs. A probable cause affidavit states Jimenez became angry and rubbed the eggs, mixed with hot sauce, in her daughter’s eyes and face. She also forced her to eat the eggs. When the girl tried to run out of the room, the document states, Jimenez grabbed her by the hair, hit her in the face with a sandal, and punched her in the stomach three times with a closed fist.


Photo Credit: Google

It was the girl’s 9-year-old sister who witnessed the alleged incident.

Jimenez is believed to have recently moved to Houston. A woman who knew her invited Jimenez to stay with her and her family. The woman’s husband said, “I did it for the children.”

His own children said they would see Jimenez hit the girls when other adults weren’t around. They didn’t like it.

The day after the breakfast in bed incident, the children were taken from Jimenez. She was arrested and charged with two counts of injury to a child.

The HPD officer who took her statement wrote that Jimenez admitted to beating her daughter, saying she lost control and took out her anger against the girl’s father on her child.

The girls are now in CPS care, placed in foster homes. A hearing on continuing custody is set for next month.

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