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Texas Customer Gets More Than An Oil Change Reminder

oil change sticker

A Pearland woman says she never bothered to read the windshield sticker on her SUV, the reminder of when the next oil change is due. When she did, she did a double and triple take.

In the fine print below the date and mileage for when her truck should be serviced was a message: ‘Please never come again.’ The next line cannot be repeated. Suffice it to say it was very sexual in nature.

Ladonna Latham says she was driving with her one-year-old son in the vehicle when she started reading it. Then she had to pull over, questioning if that was what she had read at all.

It was. The sticker is in Latham’s SUV today, and she wonders if she was targeted.

According to the owner of Auto Max in Pearland, she was not. Max Manocheri says a now-former employee printed the message on several service stickers last month. Some of the customers took it in stride, others were shocked — and Manocheri says he still is. He says he has apologized to all involved.

Source: ABC 7


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