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Texas Couple’s Dog Killed Because They Had A Hillary Clinton Sign Posted In Their Yard

Texas Couple's Dog Killed Because They Had A Hillary Clinton Sign Posted In Their Yard


It’s amazing how people go nuts over politics to the point of stalking, vandalism as well as killing an innocent dog because their political views do not line up with yours.  Apparently, a Donald Trump supporter does not want Hillary Supporters in the neighborhood.

See what was reported by DFW. CBS Local

A Richardson couple thinks a series of cruel attacks on their home is the result of a Hillary Clinton campaign sign in their front yard.

Matt Steadman says he wasn’t surprised when three separate signs were stolen from their yard almost as fast as he put them out.

“I just kind of thought ‘oh well the third sign is still there no big deal,’ ” said Steadman.

But last week that third sign was also taken, followed by an ominous note left under the doormat.

“It said ‘Hillary for Prison 2016,’ ” Steadman said.

The next day the family’s SUV was vandalized to the point an auto shop said it’s unrepairable.

“Smelled the inside of my gas tank and there was bleach,” said Steadman. “I’ve never heard about bleach and gas tanks and cars.”

But it wasn’t over.  On Sunday, the Steadman’s 2-year-old Shepard mix named Abby got sick.

“She started tremoring and she started shaking, I called Beth around 4 and said ‘I think somethings wrong with Abby.’ ”

Abby died Monday, the result of ingesting a neurotoxin, according to the Steadman’s veterinarian.

The couple wonders: Could the same person who stole the signs have also poisoned the dog and ruined their new car?

“No other reason, I mean this is our front yard and we don’t have any enemies… we’re not the enemy type,” said Steadman.

A Richardson police detective visited the home Tuesday night but a police spokesperson told CBS11 there isn’t an official investigation a this time.

The Clinton supporters have another sign someone donated but said they’re going to keep it inside.

The couple doesn’t expect to ever know if the series of misfortunes are connected to the signs, but they’re hopeful someone who knows something will come forward and report it to police.


Source: DFW. CBS Local

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