Terrence Howards Talks About Almost Dating Beyonce and Dating A Cast Member


Terrence Howard is on cloud nine. His movie “The Best Man Holiday” opened to great numbers. He talks to BET about his infamous lapdance with Beyonce and about trying to hook up with a cast mate from “The Best Man”.

via BET.com:

Howard was later shown a clip from the 2005 BET Awards, when he got a very special lap dance from Beyoncè as part of her performance. When asked how she rated as a dirty dancer, Howard said, “it’s a 9 for the lap dance, but the intent…she wanted to show me what I missed out on…that was 100.”

Perhaps noticing the audience’s visible double take, Howard confirmed that he and Bey almost got together back in her Destiny’s Child days, but he blew it by hollering at her friend. “We talked for a minute. There was chemistry,” he says. “But it was over when I started talking to her friend!”

When asked if the chemistry was still there when the almost-couple reunited on the stage at the BET Awards years later, he said, “No! Jay Z would kill me.”

And while Quentin and Jordan never hooked up in The Best Man, that didn’t stop Howard from trying to get with his co-star Nia Long in real life. The actor revealed he tried to sleep with Long when they were making the first film, but got shut down — fast. “N****, you’re not gonna take me home so you can f***,” Long told him unequivocally at the time.

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