Terrence Howard Wins A Big Victory In His Spousal Support Case With Ex-Wife Michelle Ghent

According to sites like Jensen Family Law, Terrence Howard ends up on the right side of victory unlike his character Lucious Lyons on Empire.  He will not be responsible to support his ex-wife Michelle Ghent and she just may be on the hook to give the money he paid back.  Talk about marital justice!!!

Read more as reported by Chicago SunTimes:

terrence howard

Monday turned out to be a big day for Terrence Howard as the “Empire” star won a huge victory in a court battle with ex-wife Michelle Ghent. A judge tossed out the spousal support agreement the actor claimed he had signed under duress.

Ironically, Ghent had been fighting for more money in the ugly support struggle — claiming she was deserving of more than the current $5,800-per-month payments from Howard, due to the success of his hit Fox series, “Empire,” currently filming its second season in Chicago and the suburbs.

However, Judge Thomas Trent Lewis ruled against her Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court. He agreed with Howard that Ghent had blackmailed him with threats of releasing naked photos and videos in an attempt to damage his reputation.

That said, the judge did criticize Howard in court Monday, saying, “Terrence Howard is a bully. Just because you’re a bully doesn’t mean you can be bullied.”

The end result: Howard and Ghent will now return to family law court to work out a new agreement, which might end up with Ghent having to repay funds to Howard.

Source: Chicago SunTimes

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